Sharp Unveils The Mebius PC-SX1-H1

Sharp Unveils The Mebius PC-SX1-H1


”Sharp Electronics today introduced the Crusoe-based Mebius PC-SX1-H1 notebook in Japan. the Mebius sports a TM5600 Crusoe processor and up to 10 hours of battery life. With the addition of Sharp to its line-up of notebook producing companies, Transmeta now works with every major Japanese notebook maker.

Transmeta’s impact on Asia is significant given the size of of Japan and Asia/Pacific for mobile PCs. That segment is is nearly equal to the American mobile market.

The Mebius uses a 600 MHz Crusoe TM5600 processor, weighs 3.2 lbs, offers up to five hours on a standard battery (10 hours with an extra battery), comes with a 20BG hard drive, 128MB memory and works off a 10.4″ TFT screen. The Mebius has several other unique features as well. Those features include three USB ports, a Smart Media card slot, a SD memory card slot, a IEEE 1394 interface and a built in modem/network/DB-15 video connectors. Thus makeing the Mebius PC-SX1-H1 sit on par with other full size notebooks that provide extensive connectivity to digital cameras.”