Kodak Professional DCS 760 Digital Camera at 6 Megapixels

Kodak Professional DCS 760 Digital Camera at 6 Megapixels


Kodak Professional has assembled a powerful new digital imaging “bundle” for portrait and event photographers, featuring its newest digital camera the DCS 760 the newly upgraded Kodak Professional 8660 Thermal Printer, and Portraits & More PC Professional software.

The bundle comes at a significant savings 23 percent or $4,494 off normal U.S. suggested list pricing over purchasing the components individually. It offers professional photographers a versatile, ready-to-run, high-performance digital portrait solution that delivers high-resolution image capture and uncompromising photo-quality image output. And it includes an anti-aliasing filter for the DCS 760, normally an additional-cost accessory.

“Given the high interest in our other digital imaging bundles, we knew many customers would want the increased advantages offered by the DCS 760 camera,” said John Hodgson, U.S. Marketing Manager, On-Demand Photo Systems, Kodak Professional. “Photographers welcome the camera’s rich combination of features, robustness, versatility, image resolution, and on-the-job performance a combination unmatched by any other 6-megapixel camera.”

The Kodak Professional DCS 760 digital camera combines Kodak’s true 6-megapixel ITO CCD image quality with the unequaled ruggedness and performance of Nikon’s flagship F5 pro SLR camera body. The new camera is capable of a wide variety of uses including weddings and portraiture, editorial, on-figure fashion, commercial, travel, catalog and architectural photography either in the studio or on location.

The Kodak Professional 8660 Thermal Printer delivers unsurpassed photographic-quality, highly durable images, including matte finish portraits. Its enclosed printing system and cartridge ribbon allow for easier ribbon loading along with more reliable performance and artifact-free prints. It can be easily interfaced to Windows 95, 98 and NT and Macintosh platforms or shared over a network with the network card accessory. It delivers ready-to-sell professional prints from 5×7-inch size up to a full page without wet processing or post lamination.