Sharp Unveils New Zaurus Personal Mobile Tool MI-L1 Equipped with Slide-Out Keyboard

Sharp Unveils New Zaurus Personal Mobile Tool MI-L1 Equipped with Slide-Out Keyboard


Sharp Corporation announces the introduction into the Japanese market of the new MI-L1 Zaurus. This futuristic personal mobile tool supports diverse mobile business purposes with greater ease and efficiency.

E-mail and schedules can be checked with one hand for enhanced ease of operation as well as mobile communication and PC/groupware link functions are further strengthened. This simplifies business mail communication on the go, access to homepage on the Intranet, and intracompany data manipulation.

Introducing into the market the new MI-L1 with simple specifications – improved mobility and ease of operation – intended for mobile business use, in addition to the MI-E1 presenting new styles of entertainment, Sharp has reinforced the lineup of Zaurus series to tailor their functions and features to a broader range of customer needs.

[Outstanding Features]

1. Improved Ease of Operation and Basic Performance

Full-size control keys and central enter pad ensure operational comfort with one hand. Reflective-type color TFT LCD delivers clear, vivid images in 65,536 colors. Quick view switchover for comfortable operation. Use of flash memory to retain data even when the battery has run out. Continual use of MI-L1 enabled by replacing with a spare battery (optional).

2. Work Efficiency Improved by Simple E-mailing Anywhere

Slide-out keyboard featured in MI-E1 has further enhanced ease of use. Continual-clause kana-kanji conversion featured in Sharp’s Japanese-language word-processor helps create an easy and comfortable entry environment. Using data-card PHS allows wireless e-mail communication. Long-sentence e-mailing (approx. 32,000 characters) feature offers assured reception of business e-mail on the go. Adding optional conversion software allows opening of Word- and Excel-created data attached to e-mail. Using an optional PC-link kit enables downloading e-mail from a PC.

3. Mobile Information Shared with Office Host, Improved Compatibility with PC and Network

Improved synchronization with Microsoft Outlook for “Memo” function link, etc. Data link with “Cybozu Office 4” groupware allows information manipulation via intracompany network. Spreadsheet, word-processed and graphics data link is also available. (Spreadsheet software optional) Optional cradle simplifies data exchange with a PC.

4. Peripheral Equipment and Add-in Software Expand Mobile Application

Two card slots are provided for compact flash card and SD card. Enhanced compatibility with a wide variety of peripheral equipment, including a LAN card and data-card PHS as well as a digital camera card, modem card, PC link kit, etc. Frequently-used e-mailing, scheduling are built-in and other functions can be self-customized by using add-in software/Java software.