Compaq Drives Next Era of Business Computing with Introduction of New Compaq...

Compaq Drives Next Era of Business Computing with Introduction of New Compaq Evo Notebooks


Leading the evolution into a new era of business computing, Compaq Computer Corporation today unveiled the first notebook, workstation and thin client products in the new Compaq Evo™ family of corporate solutions.

Sporting sleek carbon and silver industrial designs, the new Compaq Evo products offer innovations such as integrated MultiPort wireless connectivity for the ultra-light Evo Notebook N400c; the durable, affordable, lightweight design of the Evo Notebook N150; the cutting-edge processing power of Evo Workstation W6000 and Evo Workstation W8000; and a legacy-free platform for the Evo Thin Client T20. These advances simplify the computing environment and allow customers to evolve their computing needs at their own pace.

Compaq’s new family of Evo products includes:

Compaq Evo Notebooks – The new ultra-light Compaq Evo Notebook N400c supports integrated MultiPort, which provides 802.11b and Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity while the new Compaq Evo Notebook N150 sets the new standard for price, performance and mobility with its slim, lightweight design. The Mobile Extended Support Program, offered in select regions, provides minimum downtime and disruption.

Compaq Evo Workstations – The new Compaq Evo Workstation W6000 and W8000 offer industry-leading technologies such as: support for up to two Intel 1.7 GHz Xeon processors, Ultra ATA and Ultra 160 SCSI drives, and ECC RDRAM memory.

Compaq Evo Thin Client – The new Compaq Evo Thin Client T20 offers an innovative, legacy-free form factor with choice of Windows NTe or Windows CE, while providing simplified IT management through new Rapport Administrative Software for Compaq.

“We are changing the way personal computing products look, and simplifying how they are used and integrated into business environments,” said Jeri Callaway, vice president and general manager of Corporate Access, Compaq Access Business Group. “Allowing customers to add technologies, such as wireless connectivity to Evo notebooks, at their own pace instead of forcing them to buy technology before they are ready is just one example of how we enable customers’ use of technology to evolve on their terms and on their timetable.”