Shenzhen Personal Digital Positioning System Supports CDPD, GPS

Shenzhen Personal Digital Positioning System Supports CDPD, GPS


Shenzhen Standard Electronics Ltd has introduced a wireless terminal that supports satellite positioning, CDPD networking and local wireless data transfer.

The STD-VI can be used as a peripheral modem to connect to the Web, send/receive e-mails, access remote PCs and enable mobile information management. It can likewise be used to digitally position humans, animals and vehicles.

The terminal employs GPS on the CDPD network to enable personal wireless positioning. Designed to be attached onto the belt, the unit comes with a watch-like body temperature sensor that transmits body-temperature information via an RF module. The RF receiving module passes on the information to an MCU through interface channels. At the same time, the GPS receiving module transfers data to the MCU. The MCU then processes the information and transmits the data to the control center via a CDPD module.

During emergencies, users can press the alarm button to activate the CDPD, GPS and RF modules. The emergency calling time is 1 minute.

Measuring 95 by 60 by 21mm, the STD-VI has a fixed IP address. The body-temperature sensor transmits data every five seconds and works on a 3V 100mAH button battery. The RF module has 315MHz frequency range, with 1mW transmission power. The CDPD module supports 19.2Kbps, with 824MHz to 849MHz transmission range and 869MHz to 894MHz reception range.

The terminal has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery. The standby time is 24 hours and the continuous working time is 2.5 hours.