MV5 Digital Live Scanner

MV5 Digital Live Scanner


The MV5™ is a first in mobile fingerprint capture designed to provide law enforcement agencies immediate identification of suspects and wanted persons in the field when coupled with a local, county or state AFIS or NCIC2000. The MV5 can give the officer or agent added personal safety by enabling access to crucial demographic data when at a traffic stop or crime scene.

The MV5 is the only mobile live scan reader in the Industry combining digital image capture (using a square pixel CMOS camera) and transmission (via a USB cradle-dock) while maintaining high quality, 500dpi images. The USB interface eliminates the need for a frame grabber and separate power supply, making true plug-and-play connectivity a reality. Images are stored inside the MV5 in non-volatile memory and can quickly be transferred to a laptop or PC via USB.

Despite the small size and light weight of the MV5, platen size is generous, providing sufficient image size and quality to meet the most demanding of applications. The standard image output of the MV5 means that software developers will require an absolute minimum of effort tailoring their code. Building on Cross Match’s tradition of durability and low maintenance requirements, the MV5 can be deployed as part of mobile systems in environments including watercraft, aircraft and automobiles. This reflects Cross Match’s total commitment to lowering overall system costs without sacrificing the accuracy, speed and dependability required of biometric solutions.