Image Sensing Systems, Inc. Introduces Mobile Blocker

Image Sensing Systems, Inc. Introduces Mobile Blocker


Image Sensing Systems, Inc. announced today the immediate availability of MOBILE BLOCKER™, a state-of-the-art cellular telephone and pager jamming device that has the ability to effectively block the transmission and reception of mobile telephone and pager signals within a 40-meter (135 foot) circle with optimal placement. ISS also announces the operation of an Internet E-commerce site to facilitate the purchase of the system where the product is legal for use.

The device works by emitting an encoded signal from a base transmitter at the same frequency of pager and cellular communications. As a result, calls cannot be received or initiated and a message similar to “NO SERVICE” or ‘”OUT OF RANGE” is displayed on most mobile phones and pagers. The power output of the device is minimal, considerably less than that of a standard mobile telephone, and well within established international EMI radiation standards.

MOBILE BLOCKER is compatible with AMPS, D-AMPS, CDMA, GSM, PCS, and PHS systems at frequency bands of 800, 900, 1800 and 1900. It features accessory antennas for omnidirectional or bi-directional blockage and an optional remote switch that enables immediate on/off control of the transmitter. The unit works effectively on all digital and analog phones, including the Globalstar Mobile Satellite phone.

“We developed MOBILE BLOCKER at the request of an international customer who desired to block mobile phone and pager use during religious services. Unfortunately many mobile phone users forget about changing their ‘ring’ to ‘vibrate’, and when it does ring- it’s too late to take it back. There are an estimated 95 million mobile phone users worldwide and that number continues to grow,” said Dr. Bill Sowell, Vice President-Business Development for Image Sensing Systems, Inc.

“Our MOBILE BLOCKER offers a cost effective solution to maintain a quiet environment for places of worship, theaters, restaurants, boardrooms and museums. As covered recently in the international media, public reaction to mobile phone use in upscale restaurants, during operas and plays and during worship services has recently grown into a major call-to-action by various departments of communication worldwide, and the use of legalizing cell phone jamming devices is currently under evaluation in Canada, Hong Kong and other locations worldwide. The jamming unit is designed for operation within the walls of buildings where landline telephones are customarily available in the event of an emergency situation. Our unit also features an optional small remote control to turn the unit ‘on’ and ‘off’ instantly, should there be a need to initiate an emergency call from a mobile phone,” Dr. Sowell said.

MOBILE BLOCKER is approved for sale and use in parts of Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East and Asia. The sale and operation of MOBILE BLOCKER is restricted only to countries that permit the operation of such devices by approved agencies or private businesses. MOBILE BLOCKER is not currently available for sale or shipment into the United States, its territories or possessions due to the FCC prohibition of jamming mobile phones. U.S. tribal lands owned and occupied by Native Americans are considered sovereign, and the use of this device is permitted with proper authorization and approved Federal agencies. In the areas where the device is in use, we strongly encourage the posting of proper signage, that mobile telephones and pagers are being disabled as a courtesy to others.

Dr. Sowell said, “Our present system blocks all GSM bands with a single unit, unlike some competing systems that require a separate unit to cover both high and low GSM frequency bands, and all with much lower power consumption.”

Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Image Sensing Systems, Inc. is the world leader in products applying video imaging technology for implementation in advanced traffic management systems (ATMS), freeway incident detection and traffic data collection to help reduce traffic congestion and improve roadway planning. The company also offers a suite of products that provide wireless transmission of video, data and audio in a variety of markets. The Company’s cornerstone AutoscopeÒ products provide traffic managers the means to reduce roadway congestion, improve roadway planning and increase cost efficiencies. The Company is particularly suited to provide technical solutions to the emerging intelligent transportation systems market worldwide.