Nokia Announces Two New Symbian Games for the Nokia 9210 Communicator

Nokia Announces Two New Symbian Games for the Nokia 9210 Communicator


Nokia today announced two new games – Mobile Soccer and Golf – for the Nokia 9210 Communicator. The games are optimized for the communicator’s high-resolution color screen and the Symbian platform. Owners of the Nokia 9210 Communicator will be able to download both games from Club Nokia.

Mobile Soccer, developed by Kuju Entertainment and published by Nokia, is the second published add-on game for the Nokia 9210 Communicator. The 1st published add-on game, the Virtually Board Snowboarding game, which offers players an action-packed video game experience on the Nokia 9210 Communicator, was launched in March 2001 and produced in collaboration with the Finnish games developer Springtoys.

Rage Software plc is the developer and publisher of Golf, also optimized for the Nokia 9210 Communicator. The Rage Golf game, as well as Nokia’s Mobile Soccer, will both be distributed via Club Nokia. The two games will be available to players during the 2nd half of 2001.

“We are pleased to announce two new games for our latest communicator with Kuju and Rage. The Nokia 9210 Communicator with its Symbian OS and high-quality color display offers an excellent platform for multimedia games. We have launched 3 exciting sports titles to date for the Nokia 9210 Communicator – this is an indication of the great games experience now available on mobile phones. With 70% of the mobile phone industry already licensing the Symbian OS, we will see an increasing number of mobile devices functioning on this platform. Nokia will continue to offer and enable cool games and game services for our full range of products, ” said Graham Thomas, General Manager of Games, Nokia Mobile Phones.

In the past year, Nokia’s entertainment offering has grown to include a large portfolio of games from top companies, such as Rage, Eidos, iomo, Kuju Entertainment, and Springtoys. This portfolio offers gamers a good choice of mobile entertainment, and Nokia’s intention is to expand this selection in the future.

Rage, Kuju Entertainment, Springtoys, Eidos, iomo and Quiz Supplies are all members of Forum Nokia, which is an on-line community for third party developers creating mobile applications. Registered members can find a wide range of development tools and supporting documents as well as meet other developers on-line. The Forum Nokia site ( was established in 1995 and currently has more than 400,000 members.