Handspring Delivers Fast Blazer Web Browser

Handspring Delivers Fast Blazer Web Browser


Handspring, Inc. has released a new version of Blazer, its award-winning web browser for Palm OS handhelds. The Blazer browser is designed to provide handheld computers with fast access to a full range of web content. As announced separately today, Handspring will bundle Blazer at no additional charge with the Handspring VisorPhone as part of its new Wireless Internet Access Suite, a suite of applications for wireless e-mail, web browsing and messaging. In addition, Handspring will make Blazer available to users of Palm OS-based handheld computers for $19.95 through software distribution partners Handango and Palmgear.

Using Blazer and a modem, owners of Palm OS handheld computers can get fast access to virtually any site on the Internet, not just those sites designed for mobile access. Support for color graphics, personalization, bookmarks, and strong security enables Blazer to provide users with a rich, full Internet experience. The Blazer browser has been optimized from its original version for enhanced speed and security. Blazer supports all major existing standards, optimizing HTML, WAP, and cHTML content for viewing on a handheld display. Blazer also supports access to secure web sites through encryption technology from Certicom.

Through partnerships with Microsoft and Google, Blazer also provides users with access to rich, handheld-friendly content. A mobile QuickStart page, powered by MSN Mobile, provides users with one-touch access to news, stock quotes, driving directions, weather and more. Search capability provided by Google enables users to conduct fast, accurate web searches. Furthermore, a directory of mobile sites provides Blazer users with a listing of third-party sites that have optimized content for small-screen devices.

“The future of handheld computing is directly linked to fast and affordable wireless access to web-based information,” said Ed Colligan, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Handspring. “Blazer is a consumer-friendly solution for wireless data access that makes sense for both personal and corporate use. We intend to continue on this path as the handheld computer becomes the primary device for wireless communications and access to the Internet.”

The Blazer browser further enhances the functionality of the Handspring Visor product family in conjunction with wire-line and wireless Springboard solutions currently available. By combining a Visor with any of these modules, users can experience true plug-and-play mobile access to the Internet. Blazer runs on handhelds that use Palm OS 3.1 or higher including all models of the Handspring Visor, Sony Clie and Palm series III, V, M100 and M500 connected organizers.