Motorola and TrafficMaster join Forces to Provide First-of-its-Kind Navigation System

Motorola and TrafficMaster join Forces to Provide First-of-its-Kind Navigation System


Trafficmaster, the world’s leading real-time traffic information service provider, and telematics and automotive electronics leader Motorola, Inc. announced today their plan to jointly produce the first off-board, dynamic navigation system for the volume market that incorporates real-time, traffic-flow data. Motorola’s navigation server, part of its new iRadio™ navigation application, together with Trafficmaster’s real-time, traffic-flow data create the Trafficmaster T-nav service. The service will be sold through automotive manufacturers, wireless carriers and aftermarket channels.

T-nav will be available to customers in Great Britain and Germany later this year, and is scheduled for introduction in other European countries in 2002. The North American introduction is scheduled for a later date. By phoning the Trafficmaster call centre from a standard mobile phone, drivers will receive dynamic navigation information, updated, real-time traffic reports and automatic rerouting services for their selected destinations. The routing information is downloaded from the off-board Motorola navigation server via the mobile phone to a telematics device fitted in the vehicle. The mobile phone link is then closed down and routing details are delivered to the driver, turn-by-turn, through the vehicle’s radio speakers. Ongoing development will offer users remote access to directly set up their destinations and preferences.

“Telematics solutions continue to be refined and improved, with new developments in the area of navigational aids and route guidance being ready for deployment. With T-nav, we have developed an off-board navigation system combined with Trafficmaster’s digital traffic information, providing a powerful solution at an affordable price,” said David Martell, Chief Executive, Trafficmaster Plc. “Motorola’s unmatched navigation technology provides the scalability and reliability that Trafficmaster needs to complement the new T-nav system.”

The iRadio™ navigation application, which enables T-nav, offers many advantages, including cost effectiveness, ongoing accuracy and ease of use. T-nav is the state-of-the-art solution to turn-by-turn routing instruction and dynamic route guidance with its ability to deliver the service via many device types, from the common cellular telephone to fully embedded telematics units. T-nav will place in-car navigation within easy reach of the majority of European motorists.

“This method of combining the latest server-based, off-board navigation, routing and real-time traffic information represents a significant improvement over existing navigation systems,” said Dr. Bernhard Steiner, director, Motorola European telematics solutions. “The economical and intelligent navigation tool fits both personal users’ lifestyles and the demands of business, delivering information about the daily commute or the route to the next business meeting, or even assisting the route planning tasks of logistics companies. Europe is leading the way for navigation and traffic solutions and is therefore the logical place to launch this new, intelligent and affordable navigation product.”

Motorola’s navigation server is the corporation’s latest offering in a string of automotive advancements that enrich the experience of the world’s drivers. “This represents a significant opportunity for both organizations to move beyond their current product offerings,” said Mike Bordelon, corporate vice president and general manager, Motorola telematics software. “The navigation industry is more developed in Europe than it is in the United States. Taking the lead in Europe enables Motorola to again set the pace and shape the global telematics and navigation markets. Working with Trafficmaster allows Motorola to offer an exciting new suite of software and hardware products which seamlessly connect drivers to real-time content and guidance at a low cost.”