PDA integrates MP3, CCD Camera, with GSM Modules

PDA integrates MP3, CCD Camera, with GSM Modules


Internet Appliance Box Corp. Ltd has announced its new CN001 PDA. The CN001 is based on Intel’s 206MHz StrongARM SA-1110 RISC processor.

The PDA runs on either Linux 2.4.0 or Microsoft’s WinCE 3.0 operating system. It has 32M of SDRAM and 16M of flash memory. The 240-by-320-dot TFT LCD displays up to 64,000 colors and supports touch-screen functions. The PDA supports audio record and playback of MP3 music or audio programs on the Web. Standard features include a microphone, a stereo speaker, an infrared port and CompactFlash slot. A CCD camera is optional.

In order to keep ahead of competitors, the firm has plans to integrate GPRS and GSM modules into its PDAs, said Thomas Lin, vice president.