Motorola Releases iSKETCH, Allowing Users to Send Handwritten Messages Via Their Wireless...

Motorola Releases iSKETCH, Allowing Users to Send Handwritten Messages Via Their Wireless Device


Motorola announced today it has launched a version of its iSKETCH technology that can be downloaded from the Internet into their PalmOS-based mobile devices. iSKETCH is a digital ink compression and encryption technology that allows users to create and transmit small handwritten notes, sketches and signatures between mobile devices, or between a mobile device and a desktop via email. The software is available for immediate download at and .

With iSKETCH, users can send and receive handwritten messages as easily as text, store personal handwritten notes, and email sketches to multiple addresses simultaneously. An enhanced version of iSKETCH, which includes encryption, more shapes, colors, animation, and text encoding, is already available for license to software developers and system integrators.

“Sometimes a text message just doesn’t fit the need,” said Craig Peddie, General Manager of Motorola’s Lexicus Division. “Imagine a commuter rushing through an airport, or sitting on a noisy train, who needs to send a quick note but cannot open his laptop to initiate an email. Or someone who wants to write and save a quick note to himself as a reminder that he will refer to later. This technology adds real value to wireless devices by expanding the ways they can be incorporated into the communication setting.”

The iSKETCH software compressor/decompressor (CODEC) has been ported to many mobile devices, such as PDAs, smart phones, and the Palmtm handheld devices. The software uses lossless compression, which allows it to be used in conjunction with a signature verification server or a handwriting recognizer at a later time.

International Data Corporation estimates that nearly 15 million PDAs will be sold this year, a figure that will more than double by 2004. The Palm OS and Palm OS-based products are licensed to the majority of PDA makers, including Handspring, Sony, Kyocera, Samsung, Nokia, Symbol Technologies, and TRG.