Alcatel launches its new One Touch 501 and 701 Mobile Phones

Alcatel launches its new One Touch 501 and 701 Mobile Phones


Alcatel launches its new One TouchTM 501 and One TouchTM 701 mobile phones, marking its return to the high-end handset segment. In addition to their sophisticated styling, compact size and light weight, these phones feature an impressive array of advanced features, coupled with maximum ease-of-use.

The new range builds on the benefits that have made Alcatel’s One TouchTM family such a tremendous success and consolidates its top-tier positions in the European market. The latest figures released by DataQuest rank Alcatel third in Europe with a 12.4 percent share of the market in the second quarter of 2000.

One TouchTM 501 handsets come in four metallic colors, underscoring a sober, elegant design for people who place a premium on communications. The One TouchTM 701 is a high-end handset that offers the latest in mobile technology. The refined design and active flip make this phone the ultimate in wireless excellence.

The new Alcatel mobiles are ultra-light too, weighing in at just 103 grams for the One TouchTM 501 and a mere 88 grams for the One TouchTM 701. The latter comes with an ultra-thin Lithium-Polymer battery that provides 300 hours of standby time and 7 1/2 hours’ talktime. The One TouchTM 501 offers 240 hours of standby time and 6 hours of talktime. Both models will come with an 8 lines graphic display and will be available in WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) versions for on-the-move access to a world of interactive services.

All the innovative features available on the One TouchTM 501 and 701 phones can be accessed using the five-position navigation button and animated graphic icons. The result is remarkable comfort, simplicity and efficiency for users. Among the new features are voice recognition and a voice memo mode that lets users record notes. The SMS text messaging service is especially simple, and messages can be sent simultaneously to a group of recipients. Also new is a handy organizer that can be synchronized and stores up to 1,200 appointments. With an agenda to help manage schedules and multiple-field directories that can save up to 500 contact files, the new phones become a full-fledged personal assistant. The handsets have a convenient handsfree feature, along with a discreet vibrating call alert system. This rich package of intelligent features makes the new Alcatel phones the ideal solution for the most exacting users.