A “Gold Rush Fever” For The Nokia 8850 Gold Edition

A “Gold Rush Fever” For The Nokia 8850 Gold Edition


Nokia launched a new mobile phone which exudes luxury, prestige, and a reflection of discerning taste and style for the individual — the Nokia 8850 Gold Edition mobile phone.

During the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs, gold was a symbol of prestige and nobility. Echoing the “Gold Rush Fever” theme of the launch event, HKCEC was transformed into ancient Egypt, complete with the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids. Local actress Carina Lau graced the event by being the special guest.

The Nokia 8850 Gold Edition is designed with a combination of prestigious color and matt metal finishing with Nokia’s distinctive sliding cover — a timeless, classic and luxurious styling. The sliding cover and most parts of the phone are made of aluminium magnesium alloy with gold coloured finishing whereas the central frame, the keys and the bezel around the display are chrome coated.