Compex Systems Announces 11Mbps WavePort Series Wireless LAN Products

Compex Systems Announces 11Mbps WavePort Series Wireless LAN Products


Compex Systems Pte Ltd announced the release of 11Mbps WavePort Series Wireless LAN products – the WavePort WL11 3.3V PCMCIA Wireless LAN Card, the C-Kit 811WL Wireless LAN Starter Kit (both of which is bundled with Compex SoftBridge software access point) and the WavePort WP11 Wireless LAN Access Point. The new WavePort Series provide the industry leading wireless LAN solutions for both Small & Home Offices and Medium-to-Large Enterprises in full scale and by-segment encompassing performance, reliability and security.

Utilizing the 2.4GHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific & Medical) band, the new WavePort Series deliver accessibility “anywhere – anytime” within the coverage of its radio frequency. The traditional headache faced by the IT managers and professionals in “wired-impossible” environments such as historic buildings and warehouses is no longer an issue. In addition, networks with WavePort Series can easily be expanded as your businesses grow without incurring unnecessary cost and unsightly network cablings.

Compex WavePort WL11 provides 11Mbps peer-to-peer wireless LAN solutions (known as Ad-Hoc Wireless Architecture) for Small & Home Offices. Compex’s specially-built PCMCIA/PCI converter allows the PCMCIA WL11 adapter to be used with a desktop computer with PCI slots. To connect the wireless network to a wired network, Compex’s SoftBridge can be installed on a designated workstation and functions as a Bridge between the two. Compex’s SoftBridge is bundled with WavePort WL11 and C-Kit 811WL (an 11Mbps Wireless LAN Starter Kit with 2 units of WavePort WL11 and a PCMCIA/PCI converter).

For Medium-to-Large Enterprises that wish to deploy wireless solution in a larger geographical area or across multiple floors, multiple WavePort-WP11s can be used to implement the wireless LAN solution by providing access to the wireless clients (known as Infrastructure Architecture). Designed with a 10Mbps Ethernet port, WavePort-WP11 also allows the sharing of resources between the wired and wireless network.

“Wireless technology is extensively used today in our daily lives. Its application opportunities are vast and growing. Our implementation for selectable 64-bit and 128-bit WEP data encryption on WavePort-WL11 gives users more flexibility to manage their data privacy,” said Katherine Fung, Vice President of Compex Systems Pte Ltd. “We bundled SoftBridge free with WavePort-WL11 and C-Kit 811WL so that the Small & Home Offices can also enjoy affordable access to wireless connectivity.”