Launches the Future of Radio With Player365 Beta Testing for Pocket... Launches the Future of Radio With Player365 Beta Testing for Pocket PC


Live365, the world’s largest Internet broadcasting community with over 34,000 Internet radio stations, has launched BETA testing for their exclusive Player365 technology providing users with the first and only streaming MP3 player for the Pocket PC and access to listen to all of Live365’s Internet radio stations through a wireless connection. It is available for download at

During Live365’s BETA testing users can download the Player365 technology to their Pocket PC and listen to the stream of their choice, provided that their Pocket PC has the necessary bandwidth to receive the chosen stream. The streaming technology, available for free to users, supports most Pocket PC’s including the Hewlett-Packard Jornada 540 series, Compaq iPAQ 3×35 series and the Casio Cassiopeia E and EM series.

“Not since the introduction of AM Radio has there been anything with more potential to change the future of radio than the technologies behind Live365. Live365 continues to lead the way in delivering Internet radio now moving towards wireless platforms with the launch of our new Player365 technology,” said Alan Wallace, Senior Vice President of Communications for Live365. “This is one of the first steps towards making Internet Radio portable. Within 5 years, radio listeners will be able to receive wireless Internet radio in the car and all over the world. As one of the biggest names in Internet radio, we are thrilled that our users now have access to the only MP3 player for Pocket PC in the world and will be able to bring all of Live365’s 34,000 and growing Internet radio stations wherever they go.”