AIRCHARGE Announces a Credit Card Processing System Using a PalmVIIx

AIRCHARGE Announces a Credit Card Processing System Using a PalmVIIx


Processing a swiped credit card transaction with a Palm VIIx™ is now a reality. A new credit card processing system was released today by World Products, Inc. after receiving retail certification from Atomic Software on their ecomPort wireless gateway.

The Revolution system allows merchants to process credit card transactions using a Palm VIIx™ that is attached to a credit card reader/printer combination unit. The software, developed by World Products, Inc., utilizes the Atomic ecomPort gateway for transaction processing. The software that mates the two units allows a merchant to swipe and authorize a credit card via the™ wireless service. The ability to do a card swipe transaction reduces the fees normally paid for mobile credit card acceptance. The unique feature of this system is the use of the underlying Palm operating system that allows the Revolution system to just be another add-on component to the Palm VIIx™. The system also utilizes the printer for the receipt function, printing one copy for the customer to sign and another for the customer to take with them.

The Atomic ecomPort service provides connectivity to the leading credit card processors. It also provides an Internet merchant console to allow the merchant access to real time transaction reports and to see up to a year of transaction history from any web browser.

“We are very pleased to have the Revolution system certified with ecomPort”, stated Robert Brooks, Director of Wireless Products at Atomic Software. “Now any merchant with a Palm VII™ can accept credit cards anywhere they have™ coverage. The Revolution will provide an excellent credit card solution for many merchants”

Robert Wallace, president of World Products, states “this system can reduce the transaction costs of mobile sales by up to 30% to 40%. While some merchants will still utilize the Liberty cell phone and Revolution Lite systems this allows merchants that do high dollar sales and higher transaction volumes the ability to save money by utilizing the credit card reader. The system even utilizes the security features of Address Verification (AVS) and the CVC2/CVV2 card present verification systems from MasterCard and Visa for manually keyed transactions.

Basically what we’ve done is made the Palm VIIx™ into a credit card machine such as the Verifone or Hypercom terminals, but with a lot more features, including Palm™ standards such as, email, mapping, phone book, calendar, and more. The key here is that the merchant can use their Palm VIIx™ for multiple uses, it’s not just a credit card machine.”

The system is also undergoing testing with cell phones that utilize the Palm™ Operating system and should be available in the next few weeks. Cell phone carriers, Sprint and Verizon Wireless both carry a model that should prove compatible with the Revolution software and hardware.