Digital Angel Announces reservation Program for Two “First Wave” Digital Angel Products

Digital Angel Announces reservation Program for Two “First Wave” Digital Angel Products


Applied Digital Solutions, Inc., a leader in information technology and solutions, has formally launched its new Digital Angel reservation program at a Fort Lauderdale press conference on April 2nd. Corporate participants in the press conference included representatives from AT&T Wireless (NYSE:AWE), Digital Angel’s service provider for the first-ever wireless transmission of real-time biological data, and Disney Radio (NYSE: DIS). Mayor Julio Robaina of South Miami, an outspoken advocate of missing children programs, also participated, also Professor Joseph King from Florida International University and Mark Warner, a leading expert on issues related to the elderly.

The reservation program allows customers to sign up for guaranteed delivery of Digital Angel products expected on or about October 1, 2001. Through this unique, Web-based program, customers will receive a priority registration number and be invited to provide input regarding the specific features and functions they want to be incorporated into their final Digital Angel products. In addition, the program permits customers to actively participate in an information-rich, Web-based Digital Angel community.

Starting April 2, 2001, visitors to the Digital Angel website ( will be able to view design prototypes of the first two Digital Angel devices designed for children, adults and at-risk seniors. They will also be able to review full descriptions of how the technology works, learn more about Digital Angel’s diverse customer applications, and examine details about Digital Angel’s advanced data collection, management and distribution capabilities. Detailed information is also available on the website about anticipated fees and delivery schedules for receiving Digital Angel service.

In a statement, Mercedes Walton, President and Chief Operating Officer of Applied Digital Solutions, explained the rollout: “This program is just the ‘First Wave’ in our long-term Digital Angel program. We’re excited that we can now give customers an opportunity to reserve Digital Angel products from our first production runs later this year. Since Digital Angel’s life-saving technology was first announced, we’ve received over five million visits on our website. After Digital Angel won the Best of Show award for client services at the Internet World Wireless show in February, media and consumer interest has intensified.”

Ms. Walton added that using the Internet to reach out to potential customers and to create a Web-based community of people interested in Digital Angel is only a first step in Digital Angel’s marketing plan. “This initial Web-based approach will reach a large number of people, no question about it,” Walton explained. “But this is not meant to be a substitute for more traditional distribution channels. We’re exploring a variety of means to ensure that Digital Angel is both available and affordable to the widest possible customer base. The customer survey information we receive through our reservation program will supplement our ongoing focus group studies, help us define our target demographics and give useful guidance to future retail distributors of Digital Angel products.”

Visitors to the Digital Angel website will see how easy it is to participate in the new “pre-order and reserve” program. Pre-ordering Digital Angel service only requires a $20 deposit, which will be deducted from the total purchase price upon delivery. In order to answer expected demand, the website has been equipped to handle 1000 to 1500 simultaneous registration transactions. Those who reserve Digital Angel service will enjoy these benefits:

A guaranteed place in line for first-generation products from Digital Angel. Product delivery is expected in October 2001 (Seniors) and December 2001 (Children).
Membership in Digital Angel’s SeniorCare and ChildCare Community Portals. These exclusive websites, accessible only by Digital Angel customers, will open in May 2001. They will offer focused, helpful caregiver information and expert advice available only at this website.
Discounts on various online community events, such as chat rooms hosted by renowned specialists.