Sony to Debut Digital Camera with CD-R/RW

Sony to Debut Digital Camera with CD-R/RW


Sony Corp. said that it will begin selling on June 8 a digital camera named CD Mavica that uses an 8cm CD-R/RW with a capacity of 150MB as its recording medium.

CD Mavica comes with two models: the MVC-CD300 with a CCD of 3.34 million pixels, and the MVC-CD200 with a CCD of 2.11 million pixels, both equipped with a 3x optical zoom lens and a USB interface. Its price is open. The retail prices of the MVC-CD300 and MVC-200 are expected to be around 100,000 yen and 80,000 yen, respectively. (122.38 yen = US$1)

MVC-CD300 employs a 3x optical zoom lens called “Vario-Sonnar,” developed by Carl Zeiss Co., Ltd., which has a focal length equivalent to 34mm-102mm for 35mm film camera and the brightness of F2.0-F2.5. It can record images in 2,048 x 1,536 dots at maximum. MVC-CD200 has a 3x optical zoom lens, with a focal length ranging from 39mm-117mm (converted in 35mm film camera with F2.8-F2.9), and it can record images in 1,600 x 1,200 dots, maximum.

Both models are able to take motion pictures with 320 x 240 dots continuously for 15 seconds. They are capable of recording motion-picture data continuously for 60 seconds at 320 x 240 dots, and 240 seconds at 160 x 112 dots.