Next Gen Sony ClIE Offers an Integrated MP3 Player and High Res...

Next Gen Sony ClIE Offers an Integrated MP3 Player and High Res Color Screen


Sony Electronics unveiled its second generation CLIE (pronounced klee-AY) handheld, marking the first time a Palm-PoweredTM handheld will offer an embedded digital audio player and a high-resolution (320 x 320 pixels) color screen.

Drawing from Sony’s expertise in the personal audio, digital display and handheld categories, the newly designed CLIE PEG-N710C handheld delivers a rich multimedia experience while retaining all of the easy-to-use functionality of the Palm® operating system.

The new handheld will be available at retailers nationwide in June for less than $500. The product can be pre-ordered beginning May 1, at

“Never before has something designed for the hand so excited the eyes and ears,” said Russell Paik, vice president of handheld marketing at Sony Electronics. “The high-resolution color screen delivers amazing clarity and crispness to your images and fonts, while the embedded digital audio player belts out your favorite tunes without the need for an add-on audio module. And because it operates on the industry standard Palm OS, the new CLIE handheld allows you to check your calendar or address book quickly and easily.”