LG InfoComm and Verizon Wireless Introduce New Tri-Mode Digital Mobile Handset

LG InfoComm and Verizon Wireless Introduce New Tri-Mode Digital Mobile Handset


LG InfoComm U.S.A., Inc., a leading worldwide provider of communications equipment and solutions, today announced that its newest mobile phone handset, the tri-mode TM510, will be offered nationwide by Verizon Wireless. The clamshell-style handset, LG InfoComm’s first tri-mode CDMA mobile phone, will be available at Verizon Wireless Communications stores on April 30.

Capable of operating on 1.9 GHz and 800 MHz bands on CDMA networks, as well as Analog Mobile Phone Service (AMPS) systems, the TM510 is designed to provide maximum usability through seamless access to the primary mobile network systems used in the United States. The handset is the only phone offered by Verizon Wireless that has LG InfoComm’s innovative dual internal/external LCD screens, a feature designed to give users access to incoming Caller ID, signal strength and date and time information without the need to flip open the handset.

The TM510 is the second phone offered by LG InfoComm through Verizon Wireless. In the past four months, LG InfoComm has delivered more than one million units of the popular LG DM110 slim-phone, sold as the V111, to the carrier.

“The TM510 incorporates the latest technologies and has an extensive feature set, providing a quality tri-mode phone for tech savvy consumers who don’t compromise capabilities in their search for value,” said Michele Thenegal, Marketing Director of LG InfoComm USA, Inc. “We’re confident that Verizon Wireless can meet its customer requirements with this handset.”

“The TM510 really combines all of the design, features and capabilities a consumer looks for in a mobile phone,” said Rich Meigh, staff vice president wireless devices for Verizon Wireless. “And as a tri-mode phone, the handset gives our customers an enhanced ability to maintain coverage as they travel across our nationwide network.”