NEC Computers Inc. First To Introduce Transmeta-Based Ultraportable Enterprise Notebooks

NEC Computers Inc. First To Introduce Transmeta-Based Ultraportable Enterprise Notebooks


NEC Computers Inc., a leading provider of mobile, desktop and server computing solutions for the enterprise market, today introduced two new ultraportable notebook systems, the NEC Versa® DayLiteTM and Versa UltraLiteTM notebook computers. These notebooks are the first sub-3.5-pound ultraportable enterprise notebooks to include lithium polymer batteries in combination with lithium ion batteries, and the power-saving technology of the Transmeta (Nasdaq: TMTA) energy-efficient CrusoeTM microprocessor.

NEC engineered the Versa DayLite and Versa UltraLite notebook computers with the Transmeta Crusoe processor to leverage the chip’s advanced Code MorphingTM Software and LongRunTM Power Management that matches system performance levels with application demands, significantly lowering power consumption while helping to conserve battery life. This functionality is key for mobile professionals who are typically working away from an AC power source for an extended period of time.

The new NEC Versa DayLite notebook computer, weighing 3.3 pounds without its two external drives and with a profile of 1.2-inches, integrates a low-voltage 600MHz Transmeta Crusoe processor, and includes a 10.4-inch TFT SVGA reflective LCD panel that uses typical daylight for illumination. The Versa DayLite notebook computer uses an internal lithium polymer battery, a rechargeable battery technology that while similar to traditional lithium ion notebook batteries, uses space-saving gelatinous polymer cells to supplement the removable lithium ion battery and drastically increase the Versa DayLite’s battery life.

By merging the low-voltage Transmeta Crusoe processor, an innovative new reflective display and an advanced lithium ion and lithium polymer battery combination, users of the Versa DayLite notebook computer can use the system for everyday applications for up to eight hours1 on a single charge, making the Versa DayLite an ideal solution for mobile computing in outdoor environments.

“Ultraportable notebooks are reaching into new categories of users, but to continue this trend systems must be designed to incorporate better and more compelling technologies for the mobile end users,” said Jim Forbes, editor of DEMOletter and producer of DEMOmobile. “The NEC Versa DayLite and Versa UltraLite notebooks combine two new key technologies — lithium polymer batteries which provide very long battery life and reflective LCDs, which allow notebooks to be used in direct sunlight.”

Similar to the Versa DayLite in appearance, the NEC Versa UltraLite also operates with a 600MHz Transmeta Crusoe processor for lower power consumption, but includes a standard backlit 10.4-inch TFT XGA display. The notebook also incorporates a lithium ion and lithium polymer battery combination that enables mobile professionals using the Versa UltraLite for applications like word processing, spreadsheet computation, e-mail and Internet browsing to work for up to 51 hours on a single charge.

“These remarkable new machines are another example of NEC’s long tradition of technological innovation,” said Larry Miller, vice president of marketing, NEC Computers. “We have identified a number of vertical markets, including television and motion picture production, agriculture and higher education that require a small, instantly mobile yet robust system usable indoors, outdoors, throughout the work day. We designed the Versa UltraLite and DayLite for just these types of computing situations.”

“The NEC Versa UltraLite and Versa DayLite systems represent the next-generation of ultraportable notebook computers with exceptional battery life for the corporate market,” said Jim Chapman, executive vice president of sales and marketing, Transmeta Corporation. “NEC’s two new notebooks with the Crusoe microprocessor, along with innovative battery and screen technologies, can deliver wireless computing for a full work day.”