The PONTIS SP600 is the first MP3 Portable to handle Memory Cards...

The PONTIS SP600 is the first MP3 Portable to handle Memory Cards of Different Formats


In addition to a smart design it again defines state-of-the-art technology of MP3 hardware players. It offers compatibility to different memory cards, a large-scale display, the ability to store and replay different music formats, almost unlimitted possibility of expansion, and last but not least a sound quality to make you forget any difference between CD and MP3.

Measuring 90 x 65 x 20 mm and weighing just 100g the player has 2 card slots – one for MultiMediaCards/ SD-Cards/ROScards, and a second one for CompactFlashCards. The latter should give pleasure above all to owners of digital cameras, as this is just the one used by most of the leading manufacturers in their cameras. Thus the consumer has the choice to use his storage medium for photos and for playback of music. At present, MultiMediaCards with 64MB and CompactFlashCards up to 256MB are available on the market – and already now the player is prepared to handle future cards with a capacity up to 4GB.

The SP600 is also flexible concerning encoded music in different formats: in addition to MP3 it has command of AAC and WindowMedia format.

As for expandability, PONTIS has equipped the SP600 with a game adaptor. So the high-definition display allows game freaks to let their passions run wild . Owners of an SP600 even can pull data from the internet directly – soon PONTIS will offer a modem as a supplementary module. Erich Boehm, founder and general manager of PONTIS predicts: „This will be a basic feature of the new generation of players – as it is the journey into the future. As soon as the necessary infrastructure will be set up, downloading of PC news or music files directly from the world-wide net will be possible; comfortably and from anywhere.”

The SP600 is easy to power up: One 1.5 V AA battery (or an equivalent rechargeable one) rendering enjoyment of music for up to 5 hours.

The look of the player can be modified to fit your mood. The front cover of the noble silver-frosted housing is exchangeable. PONTIS offers 6 versions ranging from iMac-orange to metallic blue.

So far, the SP600 is available in Germany at abt. 70 Saturn shops, MediaMarkt, Ruefach and Masters. In April 2001 it will be available on the market and orders can be placed immediately.