NEC Develops TFT Color LCD Module Prototype with 3 Million Pixel Resolution

NEC Develops TFT Color LCD Module Prototype with 3 Million Pixel Resolution


NEC Corporation today announced the development of a high-resolution, 21.3-inch color thin film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) module prototype with a digital interface and super-narrow frame. The prototype provides 3.15 million pixels, 16.77 million colors and ultra wide viewing angles, and is positioned to compete with over 20-inch conventional CRT monitors for high-end desktop monitor applications.

The prototype provides Quad XGA resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, 21.3-inch large screen and narrow frame design. With ultra-wide color gamut of 72% vs. NTSC and 8-bit RGB (256-steps) signal processing, the module provides 16.77 million colors, high-speed response time of 30 milliseconds and less color-shift when changing viewing angles. Additionally, its ultra wide 170-degree viewing angle enables it to compete with over 20-inch CRT monitors for a range of display applications.

Demand for TFT color LCD monitors is increasing rapidly due to their smaller footprints, low power consumption, pixel size uniformity, and precise pixel arrangement. For workstation, graphics and other professional fields, there is significant demand for Quad XGA-class monitors that can handle larger amounts of data. The prototype with its high resolution, 16.77 million-color capability on the ultra-wide color gamut of 72%, 200cd/m2-luminance and super-narrow frame design is expected to meet these needs exactly.

The digital interface LCD module enables the direct display of digital signal output from the host system without the need for analog/digital conversion as is required with conventional monitors. This eliminates potential signal errors and noise, as well as reducing system costs.

In an effort to establish digital interface modules in the monitor market, NEC has prepared a wide range of digital interface LCD modules including, 14.1 and 15-inch XGA models, as well as 15.4, 18.1 and 20.1-inch SXGA models. To further meet the specific needs of users, NEC expects to add the new 21.3-inch Quad XGA resolution module to this already impressive lineup by the end of the 2001

NEC will display the new 21.3-inch Quad XGA, as well as its other digital interface modules from April 18th – 20th, at the Electronic Display Exhibition 2001 (EDEX2001), held at the Tokyo Big Site.