Fujitsu PC Corporation Unveils Next Generation, High-Performance Pen Tablet PC

Fujitsu PC Corporation Unveils Next Generation, High-Performance Pen Tablet PC


Fujitsu PC Corporation (FPC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujitsu, Ltd., today introduced the Stylistic™ 3500, a high-performance, full featured portable computing solution. This represents FPC’s commitment to developing a mobile computing device for mainstream enterprise adoption.

Incorporating industry-standard processor and operating system technologies, the Stylistic 3500 can easily be transformed into a desktop replacement and used as the primary computing device for both vertical and professional users. FPC is drawing on its success in vertical markets, such as sales force automation, merchandising, inspections, insurance claim handlers and healthcare in creating the Stylistic 3500 and positioning it as a mainstream computing solution.

“The introduction of the Stylistic 3500, coupled with the support of major software companies, demonstrates FPC’s commitment to the transition of the pen tablet into a mainstream enterprise computing device,” said Sara Nelson, FPC’s vice president of marketing. “We developed this solution to combine the mobility and flexibility of a pen tablet with the ability to deliver the high-performance and computing power of a desktop computer.”

“As the leader in the pen tablet marketplace, FPC has been ‘first to market’ with many technologies and the Stylistic 3500 continues that tradition,” she said.

The new pen tablet features a reflective 10.4″ TFT SVGA outdoor viewable color display. The new display combines the outdoor brightness of passive reflective screens with the high-contrast and fast-speed of active matrix screens to deliver an unmatched level of outdoor viewable screen technology. Although the reflective display is ideal for outdoor use, it can also function in a standard office environment.

In addition to the new outdoor display, the Stylistic 3500 is available with an SVGA indoor/outdoor or an XGA indoor-only display, creating one of the most versatile and complete collection of display options available in the pen tablet market. These screen options also incorporate liquid-filled digitizer technology reducing glare and reflection to deliver a crisp and clear, highly readable display. All three of FPC’s pen tablet displays feature “palm rejection” technology to better distinguish between the user’s palm and pen to ensure data is entered accurately.

The Stylistic 3500 houses an ultra-low voltage Intel® Celeron™ 500MHz processor within its 11″ by 8.5″ by 1.1″ form factor, making it the fastest pen tablet in its class, and as powerful as today’s notebook and desktop computing solutions. The new CPU provides users with the processing power to easily manage the most intensive applications without effecting power consumption.

Another major advancement is the incorporation of a 15GB hard drive and expanded 256MB total memory capacity.

“By almost tripling the pen tablet’s hard drive size and making available several docking options, FPC pushes the limits currently available to mobile enterprise users and further positions the Stylistic 3500 as a mainstream computing device capable of satisfying everyday computing needs,” Nelson said.

The Stylistic 3500 weighs 3.2 pounds, making it ergonomic and easy to handle for data input. It utilizes higher capacity Lithium ion battery technology to increase battery performance, delivering up to 4 hours1 of uninterrupted computing power. This combination of the ultra-low voltage processor and higher capacity battery increases battery life by 30 percent over the previous Stylistic pen tablet.

Featuring a full complement of connectivity options, the latest pen tablet comes standard with both a built-in 56K2 V.90 modem and an integrated 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet3 for communication in any type of home or office environment. The integrated modem provides greater reliability and durability than a PC Card modem and allows the PC Card slot to be used for alternative uses. To simplify wireless access, the pen tablet is “Wireless Ready” to maximize range and minimize interference with a variety of wireless LAN and WAN products and services.

The Stylistic 3500 is available with four optional docking alternatives, which further enhance the functionality and in some cases transform the pen tablet into a desktop replacement. These options include a mini-dock, high-usage dock, wall mount cradle and portable port replicator to provide users with an expanded selection of ports.

The mini-docking station gives the pen tablet full desktop functionality by offering a full suite of connectivity options that include ports for USB, PC Card, PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, external monitor, floppy disk drive, serial device and Ethernet connection.

Like FPC’s notebook solutions, the Stylistic 3500 incorporates several Microsoft® Windows® operating system choices, including Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows 2000 Professional or Windows NT 4.0 Workstation. The new pen tablet supports Windows Pen Services as well as CIC PenX for handwriting recognition. This dedication to using industry standard solutions ensures FPC’s users are given the security and stability required to effectively manage critical and sensitive data.

The newest addition of the Stylistic family will be available through a worldwide network of Fujitsu PC Corporation value added resellers (VARs) and system integrators. Pricing for the Stylistic 3500 will start at $3,899.