Ericsson unveils world’s first Cordless Internet Radio

Ericsson unveils world’s first Cordless Internet Radio


The Ericsson Cordless Internet Radio H100 is the first cordless device of its kind and represents a revolutionary step in bringing Internet audio content wirelessly into the home. Utilizing Bluetoothtm technology, the Cordless Internet Radio allows access to thousands of Internet radio stations without the use of a computer. Ericsson and The MTVi Group have entered into a joint development partnership to bring unique interactive content and services to the consumer.

Shortcut buttons on the radio let users browse, select stations, and save favorites. Users can also create their own music archive and access sound files from the Internet or from a computer. Built-in stereo speakers offer superb integrated sound quality, while the product can also be used with headphones or an in-home stereo system.

The Cordless Internet Radio is battery powered and can be placed anywhere in the home, up to 100 meters from a Bluetooth access point that has broadband Internet connection. The Internet Radio can also be connected via an Ethernet cable to a broadband modem.

“Bringing the variety and depth of the Internet into the home through simple, easy-to-use products is a crucial part of Ericsson’s strategy,” said Lars Lindberg, Vice President and General Manager, Ericsson Home Communications. “Increasingly, the way we connect to the Internet in the home will not just be from a computer but from a range of small to medium sized products.”

Sleekly designed, the Internet Radio also features a clock that wakes the user with an alarm signal, a selected radio station or a specific sound file.

Multimedia partnership Ericsson Cordless Internet Radio is a result of a joint cooperation between Ericsson and The MTVi Group. The companies will explore strategic partnership opportunities regarding marketing, co-branding, distribution and sales of the product.

“The Cordless Internet Radio will provide yet another way for listeners to tune into MTVi’s global entertainment content,” said Damian Manning, Vice President, Digital Media, The MTVi Group.

Ericsson’s initiative with the MTVi Group is demonstrative of its ongoing commitment to entertainment technology. Ericsson is dedicated to combining its world-leading products with the most compelling, innovative content and applications to create the next generation of home communications services.

The Cordless Internet Radio will become available toward the end of this year in the US and shortly after in Europe.

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