Evolution Technologies Announces World’s First Wireless MP3 Player

Evolution Technologies Announces World’s First Wireless MP3 Player


Emerging digital audio MP3 gear provider, Evolution Technologies, beats Goliath to market with the breakthrough product of the year — the Evolution NeckPhone™ – the world’s first wireless digital MP3 player.

Evolution combined state-of-the-art audio technology and street-smart styling into an MP3 player and FM radio that has no wires and no box, just a sleek headphone-like instrument that kicks out CD quality sound. Evolution’s NeckPhone™ is compact and ergonomically designed for ease of use. It has no moving parts and its lightweight construction makes it truly innovative. It’s high-tech, yet hip and comfortable. Hands-free convenience and stay-in-place technology allows the listener to wear the Evolution NeckPhone™ virtually anywhere — skiing, hiking, roller blading or during any outdoor activity.

“The Evolution NeckPhone™ is the first in our line of players that will broaden the market for digital music worldwide,” says Evolution president, Brad Deifer. “We believe it is superior to many of the other portable music players in its audio quality, loudness, and battery life, and have high expectations for its success in the consumer market.”

“We want Evolution to be on the bleeding edge of music gear technology,” Deifer continues. “The Evolution NeckPhone™ truly revolutionizes the way listeners take music files on the road — it gives users incredible sound quality with absolute freedom of movement.”

Deifer has been working under the radar for the past year, gathering investors, manufacturers and audio rep firms to bring his product to market. He has scored big in the marketing arena by getting RollingStone.com on board to support the Evolution NeckPhone™ launch.

“We were so psyched when we saw the product, we didn’t hesitate before becoming involved,” said Joe Licari, RollingStone.com exec. “We like their grassroots approach and the fact that it wasn’t Sony or Phillips, but a virtually unknown company who raced to market with the world’s first digital wireless MP3 player.”

Evolution Technologies has already inked deals with the country’s premiere retailers — both online and off. Their first public appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January validated their enthusiasm for the NeckPhone.

“Our booth was 15 people deep the entire show,” said Deifer. “We were literally barraged with requests for interviews and product reviews – and we were selected as one of 15 contenders for ‘Best in Show’.”

Units are expected to hit the shelves April 15, 2001.