Amazon Japan opens mobile store on DoCoMo’s i-mode

Amazon Japan opens mobile store on DoCoMo’s i-mode


Need to buy that book before you forget the title? Shop for it on your cell phone.

Top Internet retailer Inc hitched a ride onto i-mode this week, the hugely popular Internet access service operated by Japan’s biggest wireless operator NTT DoCoMo Inc with a mobile version of its online store., which launched in Japan last November, said on Wednesday that its selection of two million books in English and Japanese would be available on i-mode, where more than 22 million users in Japan browse the Web on business card-sized screens on their cell phones.

The new pool of potential customers eclipses the 500,000 that already shop on Amazon’s other mobile sites in the United States, Britain and Germany. Amazon has expanded its retail offering in the United States beyond books to everything from consumer electronics to kitchen goods and housewares.

“Japan is one of the few markets for wireless communications,” said Robert Frederick, manager of the Amazon Anywhere service, which enables mobile access to the retailer.

“We’re happy that we can use wireless technology to make Amazon’s title list available for Japanese users for online searches and purchases,” he said in a statement.