Convert old 1.44MB Floppies to 32MB

Convert old 1.44MB Floppies to 32MB


In case you are wondering what to do with all those 1.44MB floppy disks in your closet, we have an idea. Panasonic has debut the new SuperWriter 32 (LK-RF240UZ) that increases the size of your 1.44 floppy to 32MB.

The USB-powered SuperWriter 32 reads and writes the new LS-240, the LS-120, 2HD and the FD32 disks. It has a rotation speed of 1,500 per minute, and a random access time of 95ms. Transfer rate is approximately 600KB/s.

The bundled program specializes in enlarging floppy from its original capcity of 1.44MB to 32MB. The enlarging process requires a reformat, and it is also needed in the future to access the special mutated floppy.