Codename: Itsy, Compaqs Prototype Linux Camera

Codename: Itsy, Compaqs Prototype Linux Camera


Compaq’s research labs in Palo Alto, Calif., have designed a new handheld computer.

Roughly the size of a Palm V, this new experiment in computing is powered by a 200-MHz StrongARM 1100 CPU and has 32MB of RAM, 32MB of flash memory and even a Linux operating system for you hardcore fanatics. The code name for this creation is the Itsy, and Compaq is stressing the fact that it’s not an actual product, but simply a concept tool to explore future products.

There’s a camera integrated into the Itsy so the company can encourage computer-vision researchers to use this system to demonstrate innovative ways of integrating a camera into a handheld device. To use the camera, you hold the Itsy horizontally and rotate the photographic portion into a vertical position so that the lens points forward. When you’re done, just fold the camera flat.