PockIt Recorder Captures Multimedia Content for PDA Playback Anywhere, Anytime

PockIt Recorder Captures Multimedia Content for PDA Playback Anywhere, Anytime


Pocketmultimedia(TM), a leader in the delivery of real-time wireless multimedia, today announced the introduction of PockIt Recorder(TM), the newest addition to its commercial multimedia software product suite. PockIt Recorder(TM) will be demonstrated at the National Association of Broadcasters Show (booth L416) in Las Vegas, April 23-26, 2001.

PockIt Recorder(TM) joins companion software products, PockIt(TM) & UnPockIt(TM), currently available through several Web-based software distributors, and PockIt Wireless(TM), a professional product available through the Company. This exciting product suite provides personal data assistants (PDAs) and pocket PC users full flexibility for obtaining and viewing multimedia content and for professional applications, wireless transmissions to PDAs.

PockIt Recorder(TM) enables VCR-like functions on the user’s PC when used in conjunction with a video signal tuner card. Users may simultaneously record and compress multimedia content, a unique advantage over available video recording software. PockIt Recorder(TM) saves content in real-time directly into Pocketmultimedia’s(TM) proprietary compression format (.PMM). A two-hour movie is ready for play on the user’s PDA in real-time — not the five or six hours required by other video recording software products. Transferred by cable, removable micro-drive or via wireless download using Pocketmultimedia’s PockIt Wireless(TM) product, these video files can then be uncompressed by UnPockIt(TM) and played directly on the user’s PDA.

Joseph M. Kampf, President and CEO of Pocketmultimedia’s parent, Anteon Corporation, said, “Our Pocketmultimedia(TM) unit has now released a full suite of products so that users may easily record in real-time, compress and then view their choice of video anywhere and anytime. The ability to transmit this same multimedia content over a variety of wireless networks presents exciting application possibilities for consumers and businesses. Instant information and entertainment programming, such as television, video teleconferencing, training, marketing resources and surveillance are all possibilities we’ve discussed with customers.”

PockIt Recorder(TM) requires at least a Celeron 300 MHz processor with MMX video playback capability. Licenses from Pocketmultimedia(TM) for the application programmers’ interface (API) library are also available. PockIt Wireless(TM) provides real-time multimedia transmission on handheld and laptop computers, operating in a personal area network (PAN) or local area network (LAN) environment using IEEE 802.11b standard wireless protocol, as well as Bluetooth short-range packet radio networking protocol.