The New One Touch 511 by Alcatel

The New One Touch 511 by Alcatel


Alcatel gave the world its first tantalizing preview of the new One Touch 511 mobile phone, set to be on the market in early July.

The One Touch 511 is a compact, easy-to-use WAP mobile packed with many surprising interactive functions. It will in fact be the smallest, most compact mobile available on the general consumer market. It is the physical response to a very real market demand – that of the Mobile-Generation, or M-Generation. This is the new emerging market of young, Web-savvy mobile users who live an increasingly mobile lifestyle and are increasingly demanding of the technology they choose. These are the consumers who have grown up with mobile devices. Their expectations of technology are higher than any consumer group ever before.

So what exactly does the M-Generation want? Basically, everything the One Touch 511 has to offer. Supremely compact and light, weighing only 75 grams, it is a comfortable extension of its owner, an ever-present communication tool. Design, too, is very important. The aluminum techno-styling follows the latest trend in personal consumer electronics. Its radical new shape with soft dynamic lines and spacious layout make it truly original. A clever hideaway patch antenna also helps to preserve its designer good looks.