E-Fabric Jacket

E-Fabric Jacket


Imagine a flexible piece of cloth with the display capabilities of your television screen, using liquid crystals or LEDs. This concept, commonly called “E-paper,” is all about creative flexible displays.

Lunar Design is realizing this notion and incorporating it into a design concept called Blu. Blu is a jacket which would be made of an elastic and lithe micro-transistor laden material. The material would have the capacity to display refreshable digital diplays, which could adorn the jacket. The idea is to move beyond the ubiquitous t-shirt or clumsy newspaper.

For example, in an age where logos and branding have become a staple in popular culture, if you saw a picture, a cartoon, or pattern which you wanted to appear on your jacket, using wireless technology built into the jacket, you could download the image and tah-dah!!!… In the blink of an eye, your jacket would take on the colors and/or pattern that you desire.