LGE Opens the Door to High-Speed Color Mobile Handsets

LGE Opens the Door to High-Speed Color Mobile Handsets


The Korean mobile industry is currently buzzing with the news that Korea’s first handset with 2.5G color LCD developed by LGE will open new doors in this fast-changing market.

LG Electronics recently announced that it has become first in Korea to develop ” CyON Color Folder,” a high-speed color handset for CDMA2000 (2.5 Generation).

The new handset has a 12-line full color wide LCD screen (256 color STN) so that a wide range of multimedia data including characters and pictures can be checked at the user’s convenience in a clear and rich color version. It also supports up to 144kbps of data transmission. The CyON Color Folder, in other words, is a new concept-based, ultra light (80g) 2.5G dual folder handset that can communicate large volumes of information at the shortest possible time.

Unlike the 4 gray phone that shows colors by differentiating color tones, the new product supports full color realization so that users can enjoy graphics in clean and vibrant colors.

LGE’s new CyON Color Folder has an embedded MSM 5000 chip to support high-speed wireless data communication and faster mobile Internet access. For checking email, which usually involves going through various steps after accessing the Web, the new handset offers one touch Mobile-email so that users can check their email with the touch of only one or two buttons. The handset is therefore an innovative product that will open a new chapter in mobile Internet by making e-mail communication that much easier in the handset environment.

The color folder handset also has a “full color graphic UI (User Interface),” which is an enhanced version of the conventional “graphic UI” so that pictures or messages can be edited according to user requirements, thereby maximizing user convenience in the utilization of added features. It also enlarged the existing memory size (from 48M/4M to 64M/8M) so that large volumes of data ranging from voice, memo to PIM (Personal Information Management) can be easily stored on the handset.

It also has an easy and simple Hangul (Korean alphabet) input application – ‘ez Hangul; Avata to store the handset owner’s and others telephone numbers and email messages in characters; and fantastic color gaming applications so that the handset is not only a means for information management, but also a tool for entertainment. Simply put, it is a handset optimized for mobile Internet living.

Moreover, it has a 3-line LCD (mono tone) on the exterior window of the handset so that caller ID, time, handset status and even text messages can be checked without opened the folder.

LGE plans to offer the new handset to service providers from May this year to extend the high profile presence of CyON – the strongest force in mobile Internet market – into the color phone market.