Fujitsu i-mode phone supports Java applications

Fujitsu i-mode phone supports Java applications


Fujitsu Ltd has developed a new i-mode-compatible phone, the F503iHYPER, that can accommodate applications written in Java.

The phone can download games and other software from special Web sites. The large built-in memory can store up to 50 applications, 30 downloaded melodies and a maximum of 100 screen memos. Users can send an e-mail to five persons simultaneously. When an incoming e-mail contains a URL, the Web page can be displayed automatically.

The F503iHYPER supports simple business processing applications via specialized software. Users can employ server-side applications to further enhance the phone’s performance.

The phone measures 135 by 46 by 15mm and weighs 77g. It has a two-inch reflective color LCD. The continuous talk time is 135 minutes and the continuous standby time is 430 minutes.