VerbalTek Speech-Enabled Mobile Internet Search Engine for Windows® CE Pocket PC

VerbalTek Speech-Enabled Mobile Internet Search Engine for Windows® CE Pocket PC


VerbalTek, Inc. has announced the availability of its VerbalNET™ 1.0 solution, which allows users of PDAs and other mobile devices to navigate and search the wireless Internet content by speaker-independent speech recognition.

“The first bottleneck for mobile internet users is to surf thousands of web sites using tiny keypads or handwriting recognition. Using natural speech for web surfing, web querying and m-commerce is the way of the future, and our VerbalNET™ technology allows these advanced features today”, said Dr. James Pan, President and CEO of VerbalTek. “This technology will enable the next revolution in wireless devices worldwide – mobile speech.”

VerbalNET™ is especially powerful for Asian languages, where text input is either not available or requires a special software keypad and an enlarged display that may not be available in some devices. VerbalNET™ is also effective for redundant input tasks such as stock quotes and m-commerce. This system eliminates a serious limitation of the current wireless Internet: text input via keypad, handwriting recognition or scrolling. VerbalNET™ also reformats web page content to fit on the smaller display of a mobile device.

The number of mobile Internet subscribers is predicted to grow rapidly in the next five years, particularly in Asia. Analysts from UBS Warburg and IDC predict the number of mobile subscribers worldwide will reach 1.26 billion by 2005, with 500 million of those users in Asia. VerbalTek is the only developer of DSR speech recognition software to address the worldwide needs of mobile Internet users. VerbalTek believes that the whole new generation of wireless PDA type devices will demand the solution like VerbalNET™.

VerbalTek’s mobile speech recognition products are based on patented and patent-pending technologies that reduce processing power and memory requirements. VerbalNET™ 1.0 is available for the Windows CE operating system and will be integrated into Palm OS, Linux PDAs as well as other mobile handset protocols (WAP, i-mode™, etc). It is available in multiple languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English and German, with other languages in development.