PixAround.com Brings 3D to the Palm OS

PixAround.com Brings 3D to the Palm OS


PixAround.com Pte Ltd. announces the commercial launch of the PixScreen(TM) Palm 1.0, the world’s first interactive 3D, 360 degree digital image viewing software for Palm OS® handhelds.

PixScreen Palm 1.0 makes sharing of 3D, 360 degree digital images between friends and business partners easier, more portable and more interactive at any place and time by allowing visual content to be viewed and shared across Palm OS handhelds with just a single format.

Global shipment of PDAs is estimated to grow to 30 million by 2004 (Gartner). Leveraging on the escalating pervasiveness of PDAs, its increasing affordability and Palm’s support of more colors in its display, PixScreen Palm 1.0 is set to bring the portability of visual content to new heights by delivering visual content right into users’ “palms”.

“The keyword behind the creation of PixScreen Palm 1.0 is ‘portability’. People demand this in the new digital lifestyle,” said Mr. Willie Png, Managing Director of PixAround. “Now, they don’t have to lug their heavy photo albums around to show off baby or vacation photographs. PixScreen Palm 1.0 provides users with a portable digital album wherever they go, making the sharing of visual content across portable devices possible.”

Key features of PixScreen Palm 1.0:

* One format for easy sharing and viewing of visual content across any 4, 8 and 16-bit color Palm OS handheld running on Palm OS 3.3 and above

* Support for 8-bit and 16-bit color formats that allow users to conserve memory space or view images at higher quality

* Support for 3D view of 360o interactive and object view scenes

* Support seamless beaming of images among Palm OS handhelds

* Interactive four-directional panning and zooming

* Viewing slide shows off a Palm OS handheld

* Flexibility of viewing, beaming and deletion of one image or a selected group of images