TWMIII Wireless Data Communicator

TWMIII Wireless Data Communicator


CNI’s TWMIII is an innovative wireless data communication
device for Mobitex network. CNI is developing dedicated
wireless solutions for Mobitex 900MHz and 400MHz network.
CNI’s new generation Two Way Messenger, TWMIII, offers
many major advantages such as true wearable size, light weight, high network connectivity, powerful functionality, ease of use, and competitive price.

TWMIII is a true pocket-sized wearable wireless personal digital assistant. Compactness in modern stylish housing with slim bodyline gives the perfect fit in users hand. TWMIII provides users with real convenience of all-time connectivity in full mobility.

Embedded with CNI OEM radio modem, the CNI-903M for 900MHz Mobitex network, TWMIII ensures greater device reliability with high functionality. With high radio frequency performance and efficient power consumption, CNI proven expertise in the wireless communication gives users extreme usage reliability.

TWMIII provides wider viewing area with high-resolution of 160 x 240 pixels and EL-Back light. Touch sensitivity LCD screen offers convenient on-screen keyboard feature along with handwriting recognition input method. Thumb-operated trackwheel with 5 control buttons and PC synchronization functionality enable users to manage variety of personal informationin a faster, simpler and more customized way.

TWMIII supports substantial mobile Internet solution as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). With an intelligent tool of TWMIII, users can be constantly updated with vertical and horizontal applications from internet. TWMIII is an optimal mobile data communicator to catch up the world.