Pointsec Mobile Technologies secures Palm OS devices

Pointsec Mobile Technologies secures Palm OS devices


Pointsec Mobile Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of security control software for mobile computers and PCs, announced today the release of Pointsec™ for Palm OS®, the company´s initial PDA security product. For enterprises requiring mandatory acces control, Pointsec for Palm OS brings workstation-level security to PDAs and smartphones operating on Palm OS. Unlike other PDA security procducts, Pointsec for Palm OS combines innovative access control and authenticatione features with data encryption to protect everything on the device, not just a few applications. Pointsec has taken the key features and bevefits of the company´s award winning flagship security product, Pointsec PC™ 4.0 and created a security product designed to work so that information is transferred from a secure PDA to a secure PC or laptop.

Today, information managers and corporate executives recognize the importance of the PDA as a business tool. Palm reports to have up to 90 percent of the market for personal digital assistants (PDAs). Palm estimates more than 130,000 registered developers have created more than 7,000 software applications for their devices, opening new markets to meet the security demands of the enterprise-user.

“Executives have told us that their biggest concern with deploying large numbers of PDAs is the difficulty in enforcing security policies without affecting user convenience,” said Kurt Lennartsson, VP of Technology at Pointsec Mobile Technologies, Inc. “Legislation and regulations are making companies responsible for the control of their all their devices, from PCs to PDAs. Pointsec for Palm OS was developed to help companies attain control without affecting user performance. For example, login PINs can be a set of symbols instead of digits, making it much easier for users to remember their PIN.”

Product Features of the Pointsec for Palm OS

Designed to meet the needs of the IT Manager and end-user, product features include:

Mandatory Access Control and Advanced User Authentication – Secures access to the entire device, not just one application. With Pointsec for Palm OS, only authorized users can access the applications and data residing on the PDA. This feature provides additional access control because the login PIN is a set of images or numbers that appear in random order each time a user powers up the PDA, preventing login codes from being copied or etched on the PDA’s face due to PIN entry repetition.

Transparent User Interaction. Designed to work within the battery life and processor restrictions inherent in PDAs. Pointsec for Palm OS automatically and transparently encrypts and decrypts selected data of Pointsec Ready applications without noticeable lag time. Other PDA security products can take between 5-10 minutes to encrypt/decrypt data and applications

Authenticated HotSync and Infrared Security. Unlike PDA security products that place synchronization access controls on the PC, Pointsec prevents illicit access to passwords, data and applications by placing sync controls directly on the PDA. This means that passwords cannot be captured during sync or data transfer. Illict attempts to use the built-in debug functions will also fail since successful authentication on the device is required to activate communication. Additionally, Pointsec’s authenticated HotSync feature provides access control to PDAs left unguarded in the cradle. Without Pointsec, a passer-by could press the Hot Sync button, gain illicit access of the PDA and get possession of the most current data. With Pointsec for Palm OS, when the HotSync button is pressed, the user is prompted to enter their PIN. If an incorrect PIN is entered, HotSync will not begin and the data and applications on the PDA remain secure.

PointSafe Encrypts Personal Data on Palm OS Devices.Recommended for Palm OS 3.5x, PointSafe was designed based on customer requests to give users a convenient way to organize and automatically encrypt confidential data. Bundled with Pointsec for Palm OS, PointSafe offers pre-configured, yet customizable, categories to create a secure storage area for personal data such as banking and credit card information, passwords, addresses, and telephone numbers.