GoVoiceGo Hands-Free Communicator

GoVoiceGo Hands-Free Communicator


GoVoiceGo Communicator is a UNIVERSAL digital portable communicator that simply plugs into the headset socket or headset adapter of your Mobile Phone (and your Cordless Phone). It runs on rechargeable batterries to give you better than 8 hours of continuous talk time. It simply goes where your phone goes, from your Car to your Office to your Home.

It sits neatly on your Seatbelt, is out of the way, and does not interfere or disrupt your in car instruments and facilities. Using the goVoicego allows you to drive safely and without distractions. Depending on noise conditions, you can slide your goVoicego up and down the seatbelt for optimum audio comfort. The best location is in front of your shoulder as it is closest to your mouth and ear.

You can now start using your Mobile Phone indoors as a Speakerphone for both 2-Way & Conference Calls. This gives you the necessary flexibility to maximize the use of your mobile phone indoors where you could not previously.

Your Communicator will work on some Cordless Phones too! If you have a Cordless Phone with a 2.5 mm headset adapter, you can now also maximize the use of your Cordless.