Philips Creates Low-Power, Color TFT-LCD Technology for Mobile Phones

Philips Creates Low-Power, Color TFT-LCD Technology for Mobile Phones


Philips Mobile Display Systems, a business group of Philips Components, and the world’s leading supplier of mobile displays, today augmented its state-of-the-art mobile display portfolio with its breakthrough low-power, color TFT-LCD technology for mobile phone applications. When operating in stand-by mode, this color module offers a full screen display at substantially less power compared to other active matrix color mobile phone displays on the market — enabling longer battery life. Featuring video capability, this display technology also boasts superior front-of-screen performance under both bright and dark conditions — delivering the excellent image quality and resolution needed for leading-edge telecommunications devices.

Current market estimates indicate that LCD demand within the telecommunications sector will grow 60 percent over the next five years — from 500 million units in 2001 to more than 800 million units by 2006. Analysts expect demand for color displays to surpass monochrome displays during this time as consumers look to mobile communications devices that offer greater functionality and added value such as Internet and email access, video-conferencing and interactive gaming capabilities. Helping to fuel the shift to color is the emergence of ‘Third-Generation’ (3G) broadband wireless communication devices, which will enable high-speed mobile access to Internet-based services. This new generation of devices, however, will demand color digital display technology that is capable of supporting these applications without compromising power.

According to Philips Mobile Display Systems’ CEO, Peter Hopper, this recent breakthrough reflects Philips’ continuing efforts to be at the forefront of the digital revolution through an extensive portfolio of best-of-breed display solutions that will help bring tomorrow’s advanced technology, like 3G, to market realization. “Consumers want the freedom to use their mobile phone technology anywhere, and access content and services on demand. These applications require superior resolution and color viewing capabilities, which place considerable strain on battery life. Our announcement today demonstrates Philips’ commitment to leveraging its strengths in display technologies to help customers create unique color mobile products that afford higher resolution and performance, yet consume substantially less power than ever before.”