NTT DoCoMo Launches FOMA

NTT DoCoMo Launches FOMA


Connect effortlessly at high speed to a variety of multimedia content, from anywhere at anytime. That’s what you can expect in the exciting new era of mobile multimedia communications. NTT DoCoMo opens up this dynamic new world of possibility when it launches FOMA, the world’s first 3G (third-generation) mobile communications service, in May 2001. FOMA (Freedom Of Mobile multimedia Access) aptly describes the new communications freedom of this revolutionary service. Not only will it deliver superior-quality voice communications, but FOMA will also fuel the dramatic evolution of i-mode and other web-connection services, full-motion video image transmission, music and game distribution and other high-speed, large-capacity data communications.

FOMA will turn dreams into reality by pioneering new avenues for mobile multimedia communications. A world away from conventional cellular phone services, FOMA will blaze new trails to bring unprecedented convenience and possibilities into people’s business and personal lives.

Mobile communications have undergone a significant transformation, evolving from analog, voice-only 1G communications to the 2G of digital, voice and data communications. Now, they are poised to leap ahead again as NTT DoCoMo readies to launch the world’s first commercial services of 3G mobile communications in Japan, based on the W-CDMA system. The IMT-2000 3G international standard calls for voice transmission quality equivalent to fixed lines and easy handling of such multimedia content as data and images. W-CDMA was chosen as a global standard by satisfying all these requirements. This advanced system will minimize the effects of interference and noise, resulting in highly stable communications. As such, it is expected to make a dramatic impact on the lives of people around the world.

W-CDMA delivers high-speed, large-capacity data communications. It will bring dramatic enhancements to i-mode service, web access, image and music distribution, video conferencing and a range of other dynamic services. NTT DoCoMo has focused efforts on developing exclusive terminals to ensure that users take full advantage of mobile multimedia access in the new FOMA era. These terminals are designed to answer a range of needs, for business and leisure. More than just handsets, they are compact, powerful interactive tools that make a totally new style of communications possible.