Amiga Works with Sharp to Develop Content for Zaurus, and Other New...

Amiga Works with Sharp to Develop Content for Zaurus, and Other New Devices


Amiga Incorporated, a pioneer in the development of multi-media and content, today announced a long-term partnership with Sharp Corporation, a worldwide developer of innovative products and core technologies in electronics, in which Amiga will develop content for next-generation Sharp handheld computing devices.

In March, Sharp announced its plans to market the Zaurus PDA in the United States and Europe as one of the world’s first Linux-based handheld device. The Linux operating system is gaining wider acceptance in the computer server market because its underlying code is freely distributed on the Internet. Easily adaptable for different hardware devices, the Sharp handheld will be able to run software written in Sun Microsystems’ versatile Java software language that supports different operating systems.

In this partnership, Amiga announced that its developer community would either develop new content or adapt existing content for PDA applications, using their reputation for innovation and leadership in gaming, 2D, 3D, animation, video, and music applications. Amiga-developed content can be downloaded directly through wireless networks, using desktop computers, or ported directly into the new device.

“By working with Amiga as one of our content partners we are able to expand the applications and content available for our new devices,” said Dr. Hiroshi Uno, Ph.D. Division General Manager – Mobile Systems Division, Communications Systems Group, Sharp Corporation Japan.

Amiga has an outstanding reputation for software development. We anticipate that the alliance with Amiga will create a lot of momentum for the Zaurus PDA.”

“Amiga is excited to be part of the Zaurus PDA project, and we look forward to bringing the excitement, brilliant content and magic of the Amiga community to Sharp,” said Bill McEwen, President/CEO of Amiga Incorporated. “Amiga is adding new dimensions of content for the next generations of computing devices, and we see the new PDA platform as an important area of strategic business growth and applications for the Amiga community. We intend to develop some really great applications as consumers more fully understand the great potential and skill set of the Amiga community.”