New Sony VAIO R505 SuperSlim Pro

New Sony VAIO R505 SuperSlim Pro


The new VAIO R505 SuperSlim Pro™ notebook redefines the world of notebook computing. With its striking new design and enhanced functionality, the R505 provides plenty of performance and versatility seldom seen in notebooks – until now.

Most notable is the R505’s thin, sleek, and light package. With museum-quality looks, it measures about 1” thin and weighs only 3.75 lbs, so you’ll have plenty of space left in your carrying case. It features a bright and crisp 12.1” XGA TFT display, up to an Intel® Pentium® III 850Mhz1 processor and 20 GB2 of hard drive capacity making it one of the fastest and lightest notebooks available today. And with its optional SlimDock™ docking station, you can convert it into an all-in-one, three drive notebook that’s as versatile and functional as you want it to be.

Watch DVD’s, record music, or connect to the network. The features are there. Only the bulk is sacrificed. And since the R505 comes standard with a new high-capacity battery, you can work or play for hours without interruption. Whether you’re traveling or at your desk, the R505 SuperSlim Pro™ notebook provides you the versatility and performance you desire in a package you’ll be proud to carry.