Dave Design Aluminum Machined PDA Shells

Dave Design Aluminum Machined PDA Shells


The Dave Design shell is a complete replacement enclosure system for the factory Palm/TRG case that holds the electronics of your PDA (called the the guts). It is not an external case, you need to remove the stock plastic parts and replace them with ours. No worries though, Dave Design includes high quality tools and full installation instructions to walk you through the simple procedure. Of course, you supply the PDA!

Currently, Dave Design offer cases for the Palm III series (including the original III, the e, se, x and xe). Dave Design can also make a case for the TRGpro handhelds. For those of you anticipating the case for the IIIc, it’s now here!

Dave Design has worked very hard to insure that most accessories, modems, flip covers and cases fit our replacement shells. All the factory attachment points are preserved (such as the ones the Bond Latch for the III series use) as well as the flip cover pockets. The only things which will not fit are those few accessories which fit between the two case halves.