Siemens’ Wristphone

Siemens’ Wristphone


Siemens Information and Communication Mobile (IC Mobile) showcased its vision of the future of communication with a new range of prototypes and product designs. “Miniaturization” and “mobility” were the key concepts behind the company’s futuristic exhibits. Siemens’ Wristphone – a miniaturized triple band GSM mobile phone that can be worn on the arm – and Global [email protected] – a 3D wireless game console for the Home Entertainment market – were major innovation highlights. Other examples of future-oriented applications on show included KidPad, a mobile learning device developed in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom; the Mobile Key, a mobile phone that unlocks doors; and miniphones that can be worn as clips and pendants.

Siemens’ Wristphone – offering voice dialing, hands-free operation and triple band GSM technology – unites top-level functionalities in a compact device the size of a watch. This prototype mobile phone with an integrated antenna weighs just 36 grams and has a volume of only 28 cm3. The device runs on a 550 mAh battery and uses an ordinary SIM card. The Wristphone combines elegant design with the practicality of a timepiece – making it an attractive and permanent mobile companion.

Design studies derived from the Wristphone concept included miniaturized mobile phones that – adapted to users’ lifestyles – can be worn, for example, as clips and pendants.

The cordless Global [email protected] console – which brings futuristic game technology right into the living room – is yet another example of Siemens’ ongoing commitment to the mobile entertainment market. The combination of cordless 3D goggles and cordless Gamepad console provides a particularly intense multimedia experience. By enabling users to obtain a 3D view of virtual products, the Global [email protected] is also ideally suited for e-commerce applications. Siemens and THQ – a world-leading publisher of interactive entertainment software – are exploiting the Global [email protected] project to expand their cooperative activities by jointly developing sophisticated entertainment software for this platform.

Peter Zapf, President of Mobile Phones within the Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group stated: “Siemens intends to intensify its commitment to the development of mobile communications and entertainment devices. The prototypes at CeBIT 2001 are an expression of our visions for this sector.”