The Parachute PCMCIA Palm Adapter

The Parachute PCMCIA Palm Adapter


The Parachute™, a slim, clip-on PC-Card (PCMCIA) slot, which enables a Palm™ device to have connectivity never before available.

With the Parachute and a PC-card, users can log onto their company’s database, check the weather, surf their favorite sites on the Web, and send and receive e-mail message. The Parachute™ lets users put a portable office and message center in their pocket for only $149.99.

By using the PCMCIA standard form factor the Parachute enables users to use off-the-shelf cards for their productivity needs instead of proprietary devices.

Only as thick as a AAA battery, the tiny card slot can free users from pagers and laptops and give in-the-field access to fast modems, wireless devices and data storage.

The parachute enables computing, scheduling, paging and voice and e-mail communication capabilities.