Spectronic Creates a New Mobile-Telephone Standard with Revolutionizing One-Hand Manoeuvering

Spectronic Creates a New Mobile-Telephone Standard with Revolutionizing One-Hand Manoeuvering


Sidetouch is a new Swedish patent, which revolutionizes the mobile-telephone use. This system will replace pen and keyboard as well as computer mouse. Place the phone in the palm of your hand with your fingers and thumb on either side. You will be able to write texts with thumb movements just as quickly as on your keyboard. Sidetouch can at the same time be used as a mouse pointer and even turn pictures three-dimensionally on the screen in a natural way.
With the Sidetouch system, you will be able to comfortably use your mobile phone as a camera, fax machine, speech memory, word processor, time planner, and Internet terminal.

Just in time for Cebit, the world’s biggest telecom exhibition, Spectronic will market a Multimedia telephone with a built-in digital camera, fax function, Internet browser for Web and WAP, e-mail function for speech, pictures as well as written messages, loudspeaking handsfree, etc.

“The new generation of Spectronic´s Multimedia Telephone transmitting pictures and voice mail works already in today´s mobile network, which we have tested in Scandinavia and in most European countries. The transferring of an e-mail with colour picture, will take less than a minute to perform” says Per Siversson Managing Director of Spectronic and continues: “Dictating voice message and take a picture will be a quick and efficent way of sending e-mail for many. The greatest difference in the 3G system is that we update the telephones for transmitting of moving images.”

It is very easy to reach all the letters with the keyboard on the screen, without to move a cursor. The letters are shown on the screen keyboard, and the touch is performed on the same line, but on the side of the phone. Sidetouch is a high-precision, arched touch pad, running along both sides of the telephone. It is possible to write very rapidly. You will very soon be able to write several characters a second.
New e-mail and fax messages or memos are written and edited with the word-processing programme and the Sidetouch system. The one-hand performance simplifies use.

The Multimedia Telephone has an intelligent electronic library for e-mail, faxes, pictures, sounds, phone numbers, and notes. The telephone shows a chronological summary of all events, e.g. meetings, phone conversations, e-mail, fax messages, pictures and audio files. By marking an event, for example a picture, an e-mail message or a fax message, the content will be shown immediately.

There is no need for sorting written, sent or received information. When you wish to use previous information, you will find it under the heading, the date and the name, all automatically sorted.

Information synchronization can be performed against Microsoft Outlook.