DataPak 2GB PC Card Type II Hard Drive

DataPak 2GB PC Card Type II Hard Drive


The DataPak PC Card, model DP-PCM2/2GB, is a portable hard disk drive which fits into any Type II PC Card slot. The DataPak drive comes in a 2GB (Gigabyte) uncompressed, formatted storage capacity.

Kingston’s DataPak PC Card hard drive supports PC-based operating systems such as DOS, Microsoft Windows® , Windows® 95, Windows NT® , and Apple Mac OS computers that comply to the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) PC Card Standard. The PC Card Standard defines the physical socket dimensions and pin-out for the PC Card connectors.

Whether you need to back up data or expand on the capacity of your hard drive, Kingston’s DataPak 2GB is the perfect solution for all of your storage needs.

2GB (Gigabytes) uncompressed, formatted data storage capacity.
Complete PC Card-ATA compatibility.
Supports wide variety of disk compression software.
True “plug-and-play” operation with “hot swapping” capability.
High performance seek times.
Data transfer rates up to 20 MB per second.
Low power consumption to conserve battery life.
Sturdy, shock resistant stainless steel enclosure.
Supports the latest operating systems including: Windows® 98, Windows® 95, Windows NT® , OS/2 Warp® , and Apple Mac OS®.