High-speed wireless networking solution for PDAs

High-speed wireless networking solution for PDAs


The SimpleDevices™ SimplePad™ turns any Palm™ V series PDA into a high-speed, wireless tool able to utilize rich Internet content and data. Shipping in May 2001, the SimplePad will enable a new genre of wireless applications. Developers interested in creating solutions for SimplePad can purchase the SimplePad Development Kit in advance of end-user availability.

SimplePad is the smallest, fastest, least expensive Web pad solution on the market. By leveraging an installed base of millions of Palm V series PDAs, the SimplePad provides a broad reach and cost-effective solution for both consumer and enterprise applications.

SimplePad works with the SimpleServe™ software platform over your existing ISP or LAN connection to deliver a complete solution for an advanced wireless networked device right in the palm of your hand. Productivity information, schedules and to do lists are instantaneously synchronized at the PDA, the PC, and on the web. Future applications include home security monitoring, wireless voice applications and other advanced functions.